Welcome to the Yamaha Big Wheel unofficial home page. 

The Yamaha Big Wheel is a dual purpose dirt bike which was produced from 1985 to 1989. It consisted of three different model lines; the BW80, BW200 and BW350. Each motorcycle was special and unlike any other dirt bike of the time. This site is devoted to the Big Wheel series.

Site Description

The following is a list of features on the Yamaha Big Wheel web site. These features can be found in the links at the top of the page you are viewing, an can be accessed at any time. Recent additions, updates and special notifications will also be posted below.

Riding the Yamaha Big Wheel

  • This link takes you to the Riding portion of the Web site. Here you can find different descriptions on the ride of the Big Wheel.

Magazine Review BW200

  • This link takes you to an original Yamaha Big Wheel vs. Honda Fat Cat shootout article.

Magazine Review BW350

  • This link takes you to an original Yamaha Big Wheel BW350 article.


  • This link displays a page containing Thumbnails that link to larger pictures.

Parts and Classifieds

  • Here you may sell, buy and trade parts for the Yamaha Big wheel as well as anything else posted within the classifieds. Note that this website, and its creator are not responsible for items sold, or transaction. It is advised to research the buyer and seller. 


  • All The specifications of my 1985 Yamaha Big Wheel 200. 

Guest Map

  • This link takes you to the guest map where you post where you ride, as well as see other Big Wheel owners around the world.

Guest Book

  • This link takes you to the guest book where you can ask questions, leave a story or comment on the site. 

Mega Offroaders

  • This is the affiliate site of 'The Yamaha Big Wheel'.



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